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Cross Platform Application Development

Cross Platform

Cross Platform in Deep

There are lots of advantages for an application built on cross-platform – like efficiency gains, maximized throughput etc. But still there is less number of such app users. Hence there is a wording flourished in the app market – “Cross Platform apps are said to be the hidden champions of the app economy”.

Considering the cost effectiveness as well as time concerns two by third of the app developers support the cross platform. They believe that the cost and time effectiveness may be around 70% hiked considered to normal mobile apps. But the sad thing is that only a 5% of the apps posted in the market are done in this platform – and the reason is quite uncertain. The torch to this reason has revealed recently and it demonstrates that the cross platform tools get failed in convincing the majority of the app developers the fact that they could change the world of mobility in a faster way.

Let’s explain how Antilia use the cross-platform tools to customize your applications. The main cross-platforms compilers we are using have predecessors named after C compilers – still they are energetic and used with different mobile SDKs. Here you have a different experience in the API manipulations as well as integrations. Then comes the Appcelerator platform that compiles the JavaScript code to the native apps – which is helpful in linking them to their platform independent SDK. Another example is the Xamarin platform which has the base-ground marked with C#.

If you are interested in us to carve out your mobile applications based on cross-platform, just drop an enquiry, we will be right there at your door step.