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Iphone Application Development

iOS and iPhone Mobile Application Development

iOS and iPhone Mobile Application Development

Iphone/ipad technology is the revolutionary technology of this age. All the smartphone app developers actually follows Apple. Apple technology not only an advanced one but also part of loyalty. Today the apple app store counts large number of downloads. Large customers were using various iphone/ipad extensions. So there lies the marketing benefit of companies. Business people today adapt smart ways for working. Companies are migrating from simple mobile data and email to mobile apps which gives them improved efficiency, productivity, customer engagement and workforce collaboration. For a business now the mobility becomes the fundamental element. In order to conduct the various activities of business such as IT, operations, sales and marketing mobile apps are an inevitable thing.

Why Antilia Solutions

Antilia family consist of smart developers. The driving force behind the success of our mobile application development is our experienced and knowledged developers and designers. This inevitable part made all our apps to achieve top positions in app stores. It is now usual that the download rate of our app crossed around a billion. Our developers got appreciation from the most of the advanced programmers who are working with the search engine giant The Google. The reason was that we follow standardized way of coding and building extended concepts of libraries to make them very unique. This proves our developers’ proficiency in coding standardization.

We follow a different methodology in seeing the problems solved irrespective of the size complexity, time complexity of the project. We underline a standard way of planning while developing smart IOS apps at a glance. We have got a support team which could interact with our clients on a 24X7 basis in order to track any bug issues in Dubai, UAE. This is very helpful because of the competing factors that are flourishing the app market – we value our customers and their loving apps with much care as they need.

Our IOS application developments are basically categorized under – Augmented Reality Apps, Real-time applications based on GPS, Enterprise Applications, Gaming Applications, Location Based Application, Video/Audio Streaming Applications, Banking Applications, Applications based on Spirituals etc.